Ros suppports the KlinikClowns

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Ros supports the KlinikClowns

On December 8, 2020, Ros-CEO Claudia Weigelt handed over a check dated € 500 to the KlinikClowns. The KlinikClowns have been in use across Bavaria for more than 22 years and give small patients in children's hospitals and senior citizens in care facilities and geriatric wards a laugh. “I think laughing is not always easy for all of us in times of pandemic. That is precisely why we want to awaken joy and confidence with our donation in areas where everyday life is unfortunately often determined by worries and discontent. The KlinikClowns stand for variety and playfully ensure cheerfulness with their clowning ”- explains Claudia Weigelt, Managing Director of Ros GmbH & Co. KG enthusiastically.

The company decided not to give gifts and to donate the money to a social project in the region. "We are pleased that we can continue to enable the weekly "special visits" in the Coburg Clinic, which young and old are looking forward to with great anticipation." - Weigelt continues.

Claudia Weigelt, managing director of Ros GmbH & Co. KG, hands over the clinic clown “Dr. Kaa (r) la Knuffl “alias Birgit Sauerschnell the donation check.