Your Geometry tamer

Komplexe Geometrien

Complexity knows almost no limits!  Try our unique tool know-how that has already won several awards.

Are you aware of the fact: Limited space, functionality and complicated interfaces require complex geometries that initially one might think cannot be produced in plastics. Ros has nevertheless succeeded in doing so several times:

Using the example of a highly efficient water pump impeller for a well-known German automotive manufacturer, we have demonstrated what is possible with a unique tool technology: complex geometries with extreme undercuts.

Ideally, we create even more added value for you: We produce one-piece solutions for original multi-part components. With this the assembly time can be saved.

For example, Housing for thermomanagement modules including all connections inone injection process.

Our know-how in tooling technologypushes the boundaries of what is possible.

Our team will also find an innovative solution for your requirements.

INNOVATION AWARD 2016: Thermostat Housing OM654

INNOVATION AWARD 2013: Impeller 04E

TT-AWARD 2004: Electronics housing

Challenge us with your requirement!