Why Ros?

Was für ROS spricht

Would you like to get an insight into how the familiy enterprise of Ros ticks? Staff from a variety of activities and functions at Ros speak here about their job and what it means to them to be a part of the Ros family.

  • "Everyday at Ros is different! My field of activity of quality planning includes all facets of quality work. The tasks I undertake are constantly changing, in which knowledge but also creativity is required. Through these tasks, I am a link between many departments in the house and I come into contact with a lot of people at Ros. I could not imagine a more varied job."

  • "Team member from day 1 on! Through the rapid integration of new colleagues into the work process, one settles quickly into the new work enviroment. I especially appreciate the trusting relationships with colleagues - just as you would expect it from a family!"

  • "Flexibility is our main strength. Due to an absence of hierarchy, we are able to respond very flexibly and quickly to customer requirements. The organization of the projects is carried out by experienced project managers and dedicated assistants. The departments are involved from the beginning in the project work. I am particularly proud of our teamwork with which we are able to meet the high requirements of our customers."

  • "We make the impossible possible. Together with our internal tool shop, we produce the most innovative tool technology through which we are able to bring pecision into plastics production. Constantly changing challenges and evolving tool technologies together with the need for a large amout of inventiveness go to make up my job at Ros. On a daily basis, we face new challenges together, which is fun and inspires us for further projects."

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