Metal Substitution / Lightweight Construction

Metallsubstiution / Leichtbau

Discard unnecessary ballast! Achieve maximum weight reduction by metal substitution.
With Ros metal is replaced by thermoset and thermoplastic.

Nowadays it is not merely the automotive industry which follows the design philosophy of lightweight construction, this is found too in shipbuilding, aircraft construction or building construction, lightweight construction is not only a cost-effective, but also a resource-friendly and environmentally friendly alternative.

Ros was quick off the mark to recognise this trend!

As a pioneer inthermoset processing,we have also applied this philosophy to the processing of thermoplastics by using PPS or long-fiber-reinforced materials. Our pioneering spirit is also reflected in our latest development:long-glass-fibre-direct-compounding.

Nowadays we are your contact of choice when it comes down to every gram less.


The use of plastic instead of metal can reduce weight and reduce costs with comparable properties.

We would be happy to offer advice to you and inform you where plastic can be used to replace metal!

INNOVATION AWARD 2013: bearing housing M276