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We can do more! This is exemplified by a multitude of innovative solutions from a wide range
of branches in the industrial sector. When can we also list your industry or solution here?

The ingenuity of the Ros team knows no bounds. Our experienced team will assist you in the selection of materials and the plastic-compliant design of your components for a wide range of applications. See below some of the products we manufacture in this field:

Unable to find your part? No problem - our team is always looking forward to resolve new challenges!


Whether in laboratory technology, nuclear magnetic resonance tomographs, x-ray machines, dialysis devices or the dentist's chair - a large number of components in medical device construction comes from Ros. Our product portfolio includes visual and functional parts including their refinement (for example, lacquering or printing) - already from small quantities. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Selected application examples:

  •      Casing
  •      Cladding parts
  •      Cover
  •      Handles
  •      Spool body


Attaining up to 1000th gramme precision is no problem for us. We produce components for precision scales, which are used in measuring and laboratory technology. In addition to classical high-precision parts, we also supply sight parts not just in large numbers. We would also be pleased to support you in this process.

Selected application examples:

  •      Components for scales
  •      Components for laboratory technology


Be it in Thermoset or Thermoplast, we are able to offer you our many years of expertise in the field of electrical engineering. We offer the right material for your component and according to your requirements, we are able to manufacture your products in small to large series.

Selected application examples:

  •      Switch housing
  •      Housing with contacts
  •      EX-protected switch
  •      Electronic housing
  •      Bobbin for transformers
  •      Fuse box


Benefit from our know-how in the field of tool technology. Together with you, we will be able to make the components for your pump, which is tailored to your specific application. Ros will share innovative solutions of thermoplastic and thermoset with you!

Selected application examples:

  •      Pump chamber
  •      Pump head
  •      Consoles
  •      Casing
  •      Cover
  •      Roll and roll carrier
  •      Connecting rod