Precision in plastic

We are a specialist in the area of plastic injection mouldings, with us at Ros you will find yourself in expert hands. Since 1926 Ros, as a familiy business, has been able to make your wishes and ideas a reality in a plastic-compatible form.

Our intelligent solutions are used, for example, in the automotive, medical engineering, electrical engineering and other industries.

We are a pioneer in the use of new technologies and the further development of existing technologies. Some of our innovations and products are patented and award-winning.

Decades of experience within project planning, our own tool shop and the processing of technical plastics enable us to manufacture the most complex customer requirements.

Further to this, we use the strong network of other companies within the Ros Group plus external service providers to satisfy the demands of our customers.

Our highly motivated team of approximately 300 employees at two sites in North Bavaria / South Thuringia are looking forward to being able to produce your individual requirements in plastic.

Your solutions are our daily business


Ros makes heavy light ... and difficult easy

Whether in thermoset, PPS or with long-glass-fiber - Ros has extensive expertise
in solutions for the plastics-oriented implementation previously in metal manufactured components.
Examples of these are components for water and oil pumps.

more on Metal Substitution / Lightweight
Komplexe Geometrien

Keyword Function Integration

By implementation of extremely innovative tool technology, at Ros we are able to produce multi-part components in just one injection process. For example, Housing for thermal managment modules. These are manufactured in high-performance plastics in one single step, including all connections.

more about Components for Thermal Management

Your specialist for highly efficient impellers

By dint of our tool technology we are able to implement extremly undercut wing geometries.
This enables us to produce high efficiency impellers within a small installation space. We
produce over 3 million impellers each year. This fact speaks volumes here for our skill and efficiency.

more about Impellers

Ros's latest technology:

Ros has the world's first serial machine, where long glass fibres can be fed
directly during the production process. This enables us to generate a cost advantage
compared to parts that are made of a standard long-fibre material.

more on Long-Glass-Fibre-Direct-Compounding

You will get in touch with Ros ...

...  more often than you think! Ros uses innovative injection molding and assembly technology
to produce 25,000,000 guide sleeves per year for the locking and adjustment of headrests
for various premium manufacturer vehicles. With our logistics concept, we master an extremely high
variety of variants regardless of the respective lot size.

more about Components for Seating Systems

Your possibilities at Ros



Looking for a challenge?

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