Thermoset Processing

Thermoset convinces not only with its excellent mechanical, chemical and electrical properties but also with its successful substitution for aluminum and die-cast parts. Since 1926 Ros has used this material.

Thermoset is an interesting alternative for highly stressed components.

Thermoset molding compounds now have a permanent place in all areas. It is always the optimum material alternative when it is necessary to produce high temperature resistant, chemical resistant moldings with high surface hardness, high stiffness and dimensional stability.

Further advantages are the meltability, the low creep tendency as well as its flame retardancy combined with excellent electrical insulation values.

In comparision to metal die-casting, further arguments for the use of thermoset are a longer tool life and the elimination of additional machinings.




Injection Molding in Multiple Tools

This technology generates parts with a very homogeneous material structure and a uniform material density. This results in low-distortion components with very high dimensional accuracy.

An invaluable advantage of this method is the absence of weld lines. This significantly increases the component strength compared to conventional production processes.

Ros is one of the few companies in the world offering Injection Moulding in Multiple Tools, and by use of this process we are able to offer further cost savings to our customers.


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